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To Art:Connect, From the Junior Volunteers

Recently, we conducted the second “Junior Volunteer Program'' in which those who were interested in our work were given the chance to get a taste of what it means to be part of a youth organisation like Art:Connect. With the guidance of their mentors, the junior volunteers organised the "Thanksgiving Senior Buddy Workshop”, learning new skills and making new connections along the way. Here is what they had to say about their experience!


Dear Art:Connect,

I remember when I came across your website I was amazed to see the various homes and organisations you had volunteered with. I found the different activities such as the murals, and cards for festivities super interesting!

So, I participated in the junior volunteer program as part of the outreach team. When I joined the team, I was glad to be put in outreach, as my goal for this experience was to improve my communication skills. I learned so much, like how to draft a proposal and reach out to various organisations. And of course, the best part of the JV programme was interacting with the beneficiaries in the senior buddy workshop and volunteering. It was wholesome and heart warming to engage with the elders, craft with them and share unique hobbies. The bonds we built with them were unexplainably touching.

You taught me the importance of teamwork, communication, creativity and kindness. I felt immense satisfaction after successfully completing the workshop and also a sense of pride in giving back to others. I have had a wonderful time being part of this program and I wish to make many more memories with Art:Connect.




Dear Art:Connect ,

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project. It has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot. While planning the Senior Buddy Workshop with the other junior volunteers, I learnt how to connect with different organisations, plan fun activities, and collaborate with different people. I enjoyed working with my peers, staying up to draft proposals and thinking of other fun activities we could do. The event itself was highly memorable. I had so much fun colouring, laughing and exchanging stories with the seniors of SNM, and I felt proud to represent a youth organisation like Art:Connect. I remember staying up with Divya to plan the event and the entire time we kept talking about how cool this opportunity was and how impressed we were with it. After the senior buddy programme with SNM, I felt inspired. I realised how good it felt to help people and it motivated me to try and make a difference in people’s lives.



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