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Art:Connect's collaboration with St.Lukes Hospital

In 2021 Team Art:Connect had the opportunity to host a colouring contest for the patients of St.Lukes hospital. It was an amazing opportunity and we look forward to working on more projects with them in the future.

Scroll down to see the wonderful art pieces coloured by the patients of St.Luke's.

st lukes 1.JPG
st lukes 2.JPG

Cards Collaboration

In December 2020, Art:Connect also collaborated with St.Luke's Hospital on a cards programme. Our team made close to 50 cards for the patients and nurses of St.Luke's Hospital.

Keep scrolling down to read a testimonial from St.Luke's Hospital!


Photo Credits: St.Lukes Hospital

A Word From The Staff

“Our nurses and patients enjoyed the colouring competition co-organised by Art:Connect. While most physical volunteering has been suspended for the time being, it warms our hearts to know that volunteers are exploring different ways to interact with our beneficiaries!”


– Shane Kwan, Volunteer Management Senior Executive,  St Luke’s Hospital

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