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Christmas: The spirit of giving!

As Christmas approaches, everyone throughout Singapore settles into the spirit of giving. Families and friends give gifts to each other; brands give us mouth-watering sales and deals; and our communities spend thousands of dollars to give us picturesque streets decked with tinsel and fairy lights and christmas-themed bazaars. But amidst all of this, we often forget that there are hundreds of people whose Christmas looks a lot different from ours and whose holiday season does not come with loving family reunions and a mountain of presents. With our nation just starting to recover from the Pandemic, perhaps this Christmas is the perfect time to give back to our community so that we can heal the wounds and close the gaps that these past two years have left us with. So this Christmas, Art:Connect presents to you some unique ways you can give back to your community!

Migrant Workers - It’s Raining Raincoats

As we take in the glitz and glam of Orchard Road this Christmas, it can be easy to forget the hundreds of migrant workers who worked tirelessly to decorate our community and spread the Christmas spirit. Often far from their families this December, It’s Raining Raincoats’ “We have a dream” gift donation campaign seeks to give back to them some of the joy they work hard to give us every Christmas. Up till 31st December, we can drop-off wrapped presents for our migrant workers, which can be anything from toiletries to backpacks, and these will get sent to their worksites and dormitories. These gifts have impacted more than 80,000 workers every year!

Seniors - Meals-on-Wheels

With nowhere to go and no one to celebrate with, Christmas is often a very lonely time for an increasing number of Singaporean Seniors. We can make their Christmas season a more memorable time by volunteering at Meals-On-Wheels and delivering a warm lunch to home-bound and isolated seniors right at their doorstep. Talking to these seniors and offering them a smile can really help to remind them that they are never truly alone!

Underprivileged Children - Blessings in a Bag

The gap in resources between underprivileged children in Singapore and their peers starts at birth and widens every year. This Christmas, we can play a part in helping to bridge that gap by participating in Blessings in a Bag’s toy and bookdrive for children up to 12 years old! From now till 31st December, you can drop off your donations at Forum The Shopping Mall!

Animals - Causes for Animals Singapore

Animals deserve love from us this Christmas too! By donating as little as $10 to CAS, you can help feed and house these shelter animals for a week in hopes that they will soon find a good home. CAS hosts an annual donation drive every year where volunteers can help raise money for the shelter! And who knows, perhaps you’ll be taking one of your newfound furry-friends on the drive home with you this Christmas!

We hope that you’ll be able to give to these and other less fortunate communities this Christmas so that they too can celebrate with us! Remember it’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving!

Written by Ivannah Jacob

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