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Your support is important to our work at ART:Connect.  Click on the ' join us'  button below and fill up the form to join our team! We will get back to you soon regarding your application. 

To join our team, applicants must be between the ages of 13-21.

Junior Volunteer program

Art:Connect has decided to start a brand new junior volunteer program for students age 10-14.

The students will have an amazing opportunity to volunteer for three months in one of our teams and get a feel of how it feels to work as a member of team art connect. The students will receive a certificate after completion of the three months of the program. After completing the program students will then get the opportunity to join as official team members in the  organization 

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Application Process:

1. Fill out the application form 

3. An interview, with our team, will be arranged

5. Welcome to the team!

2.You'll be notified regarding your application within 5 working days

4. You'll be informed which department you will be allotted to




In this area, you need to select artworks, gather them and create an artwork database with all the information about each artwork.

Communication Tower



Here, you will be undertaking activities to promote the growth of ART:Connect. This includes advertising ART:Connect through brochures, leaflets, infographics or even social media.

Typing on a Computer



In this area, you will be reaching out to different healthcare centres, old age homes etc. This involves a lot of communications and public interactions. 

Adult Volunteers:

Interested adults, including parent volunteers,  kindly email us at addressing the founder, Aanya Rao. We will need your help and support connecting to Singapore healthcare centres.

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