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2 years of Art:Connect


Thank you all for sticking with us through this journey and spreading positivity and joy through art!

Image by Annie Spratt
group terrarium.jpeg

20+ workshops

We have had workshops with healthcare organisations including Sree Narayana Mission, Lentor Residences, St.Luke's hospitals and Orange Valley Nursing home!

40+ volunteers

The Art:Connect team now has over 40 volunteers, from different parts all around Singapore! Sign up as a volunteer today!

500+ cards made

Our team at Art:Connect has made, and assisted in making, over 500 festive and colourful cards that are sure to bring a smile to every patient's face!

5000+ beneficiaries impacted

We have helped several hundreds of beneficiaries and patients. These are through numerous colouring activities organised during festivals and through the regular senior buddy workshops!

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