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Aanya Rao

The founder of ART:Connect, Aanya is one of the most organised people you will never meet. If she isn't leading our team to success, you can find her running around to keep up with her hectic schedule.

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Hi, I am Aanya Rao, and I'm the founder of Art:Connect. I am 18 years old and a student in Singapore. To me Art:Connect is more than just a platform, it is a passion. Art:Connect is a dream of mine that incorporated my passion for both art and healthcare. I am an artist as well as a dancer, who someday aspires to be in the field of medicine. I truly believe that art has the power to heal the world.


Through Art:Connect I hope not only encourage students but to positively impact the lives of patients and give them hope. I hope that Art:Connect will help make that small bit of change in the world.

Hi! I'm Kavya - a 17-year-old who's very passionate about art. I've lived in the USA, UK and Hong Kong and I currently live in Singapore. As someone who is very inclined towards arts, I've always found it to be therapeutic and it has helped me a great deal as a student. I believe art has the ability to relax someone who is stressed or anxious! Through my own personal experiences, I have discovered so many new things about myself through art.


As the director of art curation of Art:Connect, I aim to help people and I hope to put a smile on everyone's faces!


The director of art curation, Kavya can never be found without a smile on her face. Her comforting words have stopped several arguments on our late night calls!

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Hi everyone! My name is Siya Sharma and I am the Director of the outreach team. I enjoy playing tennis, playing the piano, reading, interacting with people, and hanging out with my friends and family.


Art:Connect is a wonderful way for me to not only contribute to the community but learn an amazing number of new skills as well.


Art CAN and WILL heal the world!

Siya Sharma

The Director of outreach, Siya is the (only) athlete of our team. During the weekends, you can find her on the tennis courts

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The Art Curation Team

led by Kavya Nair

The Outreach Team

led by Siya Sharma

The Communications and Marketing Team

led by Vanya Kapoor

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