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Muralling at Sengkang General Hospital!

Art:Connect collaborated with Sengkang General Hospital to paint a wall as part of the hospital’s ‘Go Green’ campaign. After weeks of planning and designing, the mural was completed in October of 2022. Following are transcripts from interviews of members of our team who were closely involved with the project. We hope it serves as a helpful guide and gives you an insight into the muralling process!

Designing a mural of this scale and significance is no small feat! Our lead designer Mrinmayi takes us through what it was like for her and her team to come up with this design!

Once you had an idea, what was the process of designing the mural like? Were there any challenges you faced?

When designing this mural I had to keep a few things in mind. The main points being that there should be no large empty spaces, the design should be distributive, and that it should be possible to complete within the time frame that we had been given. The main challenge was making sure that the design was do-able within the 4 day time frame while still maintaining an adequate amount of detail.

Are there any tips you would give anyone who’s undertaking such a big design process?

A tip that I would give when designing spaces like this is to look at the wall as a whole first during the planning stages before dividing it into sections. This will ensure that the overall composition of the mural stays balanced! It was a very interesting experience making this mural especially because it was my first time. I definitely will take the things I learnt from this to improve on my design process for projects like this in the future.

Our muralists were the backbone of this entire project and worked tirelessly in shifts over multiple days to turn our vision into reality. Here’s Dikshitha, Kaeya and Tvisha sharing their thoughts on the entire experience!

Each of you worked in shifts on certain days, how did you all work together efficiently and decide who was going to do what?

Dikshitha: I think we were able to make efficient progress with the mural because of how well everything was planned out. On each day, there were certain aspects of the mural that had to be completed and we delegated tasks in terms of who we thought could execute a particular aspect of the mural the best.

Kaeya: Additionally, having 3 - 5 people in both sessions definitely sped up the process of completing the mural. Everyone pooled in their artistic abilities and collaborated together to make the entire experience efficient and fun!

Tvisha: Yes, and everyone was willing to help with even the smallest of tasks such as holding the paint tray and the ladder so that whoever was working on the mural could focus on painting and dedicate their full attention towards it. They provided a lot of feedback and were extremely supportive! At the end, we were all extremely proud of what we had accomplished together!

This entire muralling process was an opportunity to give back to the community, so what were your feelings regarding that? Were there any particular moments that made the entire process memorable?

Dikshitha: I’m sure all of us will agree that giving back to the community was one of the most rewarding parts of the entire project. I’m very grateful to have been part of this amazing initiative that encourages people to recycle and help benefit our planet!

Kaeya: Yes, I think it's great that we had the opportunity to spread awareness about eco-friendliness and the environment through art! Even while we were painting we could already see the mural’s impact. People stopped by to commend us and ask us about the initiative! We also learnt a lot about SKH and their superb ‘Go Green’ campaign!

Tvisha: What made it especially memorable was getting to collaborate in-person with other Art:Connect members. It was immensely rewarding to watch the different components of the mural come together so well because there were times I had doubted myself while painting. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this!

- Interviews by Raina Singh and Vriddhi Talwar

- Compiled & Edited by Advaita Raghavan and Ivannah Jacob

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Aanya Rao
Dec 14, 2022

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