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Are you an aspiring artist? Make a difference in patient healthcare today!

We are calling for all youth artists to submit their artwork to Art:Connect and celebrate the power of art! Chosen artworks will be displayed in healthcare centres and nursing homes across Singapore. 



Anyone between the ages of 9 to 21 can submit their artwork to Art:Connect


All submitted artworks should be in a JPEG/PNG format, with an image resolution of 300 dpi. 

Please make sure that your submitted image is clear! 


Submitted artwork can be of any medium (acrylic, oil, watercolour, pencil sketch, and more)


Submitted artworks should have a positive, uplifting aspect to it.


Art:Connect will not tolerate any artwork that promotes violence, profanity, inappropriate content.

By submitting your artwork, you agree to the following terms and conditions stated here

Please submit one image for each form entry (click on the button below)

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