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The Science Behind Art:Connect

In April 2020, we conducted a survey to understand how aware people are of the importance of art therapy and healing using art. Here's what we found:

As shown in the graph above , just under 50% of our respondents are unaware of the term art therapy. Through our initiatives, Art:Connect wants to spread awareness about the benefits of healing through art. 

In response to other questions, respondents believed that: 

What are the main issues that you think are faced in healthcare centres, from a patient's perspective? 

"Too clinical feel. Too white."

"I would assume that patients and their families would go through inexplicable amounts of distress and pressure."

"Loneliness, waiting times"

"Trying to feel positive and hopeful in such hard times"​

 Do you think that the use of arts will help spread positivity?

"Yes indeed. This can be helpful to calm patients and bring positive energy and happiness"

"Visual arts can be used to calm someone's mind. So yes, I do think that visual arts can be used to bring positivity amongst patients."

"Definitely it does. No doubt about it."

"Yes I think it would help them to have a more positive outlook and something to look forward to "

Based on your experience, have you seen the use of arts in healthcare centres? If so please specify.

"I have not come across but I have seen changes in hospitals. They have lovely paintings.."

"Not really"

"Some hospital rooms do have interesting art pieces "

"Haven't seen"

From a few of these responses, we understand that many people believe that use arts are definitely beneficial for patients. Almost all of our 191 respondents felt the same way. Most respondents felt that loneliness and anxiety were the common issues faced by all patients. However, when asked whether they have seen artworks and paintings displayed in healthcare centres, the majority of them had not seen them. Only a few respondents had noticed the use of arts in bigger hospitals.

As a platform, Art:Connect wants to promote "arts for healing" all over the world.  We truly believe that art can, and will, heal the world. Through the use of artwork on clinic walls, patients cards, files, invoices or simply the distribution of artworks, we hope to make a change.

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