Collaborating With Us

Healthcare Centres / Clinics / Nursing Homes:

There are multiple ways as to which healthcare centres can make use of these artworks: 

  1. Put up physically on the walls of clinics.

  2. Art workshops for patients such as origami, simple sketching, crafts etc.

However, during this COVID 19 Pandemic, our team completely understands the restriction in relation to our volunteers putting up artworks in clinics. 

So here are other ways that Art: Connect plans on helping you during this time. Art: Connect will provide online images of artworks to all healthcare centres involved. These artworks can then be used in the following ways:

1) Use of artworks on brochures in clinics.

4) Images of artworks on patient files and outpatient cards.

7) Use of artworks on prescriptions and medicine bags. 

2) Use of artworks behind invoices in healthcare centres.

5) Thank you, celebration cards, etc. 

8) Muraling projects at healthcare centres 

3) Distribution of small printouts of artworks to patients.

6) Artwork images on stationary (notepads, mugs, pencils, etc). 

9) Senior buddy programs

We truly believe that even the smallest use of art, such as on invoices and patient files, will help spread positivity and bring a smile to the faces of all patients and healthcare personnel.

Once a member of Art:Connect , our team will get in touch with the respective departments in healthcare centres to suggest more ideas based on specific clinics, work out the details, and provide more artworks.

3. Choose your preferred artwork from the samples provided by our team. 

5. Welcome to Art:Connect! We look forward to working on future projects with you. 

2. Communicate with our team via emails and online meetings to finalise details

4. Display the artwork brought to your institution by our team*

 * With the current situation on hand, all artwork will be sent digitally 

For students:

Interested in collaborating with Art:Connect. Check out our volunteering opportunities here. Submit your artwork today, or help grow the Art:Connect team by joining or volunteering with us.