• Aanya Rao

Senior Buddy Workshop: DIY

Art:Connect collaborates Lion's Home for the Elders as part of our volunteering project: Senior Buddy Workshop. Members of the team will come up with engaging methods using crafts to engage the seniors. Some examples of the crafts include 'Around the World' art templates, Diwali art templates for the residents at Lions Home to color. These workshops are sometimes conducted online where members of our team will the lead the program by teaching the seniors patiently via the video call, as shown in the gallery above, where 'Retro Theme' templates were used.

Here are some pictures of the seniors coloring the templates we have given them with the aid of our guidance!

To make this poster, the only materials needed are (1) color pencils and (2) Art:Connect's 'Around the World' art templates. Let your creativity juices flow and color the templates to your own style!

Here are some pictures of the templates we have used!

Apart from coloring, we have have handicrafts workshop like origami making as shown in the picture below!

The process of making the heart origami is shown step-by-step in the video below. All is required is a piece of paper to make this cute origami!

Making art while doing good is definitely a rewarding experience for our members, do join us if you are keen to connect with the seniors through art!

"Interacting with seniors was not only a refreshing experience but also the highlight of my day!

Reliving numerous experiences of the joy of colouring all the while having the ability to brighten up someone else's day definitely made this workshop a memorable one. This workshop was an opportunity I am grateful to receive and would do it all over again in a matter of seconds!"


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